Some Reasons Why You Should Retrofit…

Commercial lighting efficiency is just one of many reasons to retrofit your GTA office or workplace with LED lighting. But it is a compelling reason! Start with your company’s bottom line…

Power costs are rising, and LED lighting saves up to 70% in running costs. The long lifespan of LED lights means another cost efficiency. LEDs have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours, as compared to a compact fluorescent lamp’s 8-10,000. That longer lifespan means a significant saving in both replacement and installation costs.

LED Lighting generates less heat that other lighting – and this can mean a reduction in air conditioning costs, as well as making workplace temperature easier to regulate. And with the lower heat generation comes a surprise benefit – fewer bugs! They are attracted to the higher heat and UV rays of incandescent lights – but not to LEDs.

And what about that irritating buzz of fluorescent bulbs? Once you start “hearing it” you can never get it out of your head. LED lights do not produce noise – even after years of use.

More Benefit of LED Lighting…
More Benefit of LED Lighting…

LED lighting is also ‘smart lighting ’. It is easy to schedule, dim and control remotely – which makes managing lighting levels easier for the staff. A workplace with low or dim power supplies will benefit from LED lighting, which does not require high voltage.

There are many intangible benefits as well. LEDs provide the best and most adaptable lighting for a workplace – and good lighting is crucial for employee mood and performance. Dim light strains the eyes, causes headaches, and promotes employee fatigue. The light colour of LEDs is aesthetically pleasing.

The sharpness of LED lighting improves employee safety simply by making everything more visible – a real advantage in a large warehouse or distribution centre with darkened aisles.

LED lights are Green. The carbon emission of LED light is much lower in comparison to that of incandescent bulbs. They save the environment at the same time as they raise employee morale and reduce operating costs. LED lights are a win-win -win situation.

Getting the Commercial Lighting Retrofit in Motion
Getting the Commercial Lighting Retrofit in Motion

Achieving the many advantages of a LED retrofit begins with expert auditors. The process begins with a free consultation. Following that, the auditors will undertake a complete survey of the facility to be retrofitted, ascertaining an accurate overview of current energy usage.

As part of that process, the entire fixture and lamp schedule is totaled, the hours of operation of the facility logged, and the current kWh rate is obtained from recent hydro bills.

When that census is complete, the auditors can provide their clients with three things: the capital cost of switching over to LED lighting, the rebate available, and the annual energy savings post-conversion.

Finally, there is the installation, after which the rebate process is completed, warranty documents issued and any other necessary follow-ups are doe to ensure customer satisfaction.

LED technology has revolutionized how we light buildings. For cost savings, employee health and commercial lighting efficiency, GTA businesses must switch to – and switch on - LED lighting.


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